Date of publication : 10/03/2014
Time : 14: 58
Type: خبر

Researcher develops smart greenhouse management system
Nasrin Faghihi, the project director told Mehr News that the system had been used in Fars Province industrial greenhouses. “During the project, we developed a smart greenhouse management system which uses sensors to receive information from the environment and reacts to these data accordingly,” she added.
“The system has 3 components; the first component is the central processor, the second component is a group of sensors to collect the data, and the third component is operational section,” Faghihi said.
“Sensors placed in the soil collect the data on plant’s needs to water, nutrition, and fertilizers; the processor issues a command to provide water and fertilizer and water is directed to the plant through tubes,” she detailed about the system.
Faghihi said that when the plant needed water and nutrition, sensors warned. She believed a general report about the greenhouse as among the many advantages of the system. “The system provides the user with a report of the conditions in greenhouse,” she added.
“The foreign model of this system could be accessible at $ 6500-7000; however, the indigenous model only accessible at $ 700-1700,” she said.


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