Date of publication : 10/03/2014
Time : 14: 57
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Gold nanoparticle carriers help treat uterine Cancer
The method could help treat uterine cancer, say researchers, believing that recent advancement in nanotechnology had made possible applications for nanoparticles in medicine.
In medicine, the most important nanomaterial is gold nanoparticles. These particles are capable of making strong bonds to molecules. Porphyrins and tetrapyrroles had attracted many attentions in medical community due to unique physic-chemical and spectroscopic features and extensive biological applications. These compounds have found applications in cancer treatment since they are sensitive to light, non-toxic, and selectively enter tumors.
Thus, through developing gold nanoparticle conjugates bonded with porphyrin light sensors and their healing power, new methods to treat incurable diseases.
Researchers in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Mashhad University of Medical Sciences conducted a research with the aim of producing gold nanoparticles with applications in cancer treatment. They found that the synthetic gold nanoparticle conjugates could act as an effective drug delivery system to carry light-sensitive materials into cells in treatment of cervical cancer cells.
Validation tests indicate that nanoparticle conjugates are extremely effective in photodynamic treatment of cervical cancer. They are good candidates of cancer treatments in general and in cervical cancer treatment in particular.
The photo-sensitive porphyrins provide gold nanoparticle conjugates with unique physic-chemical and spectroscopic features with applications in imaging and optic coverings in solar cells.


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