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14-16 May 2010

The 1st International Infrastructure Exhibition of Iraq (Infrastructure 2010)" is ‎the leading exhibition ‎for Infrastructure technologies, products and services in ‎Iraq. The fair is an important event on Infrastructure & rebuilding of Iraq. Iraq ‎Infrastructure Exhibition will display the most ‎innovative products/Services ‎and the most advanced technologies within the Infrastructure Industries.‎
The exhibition is focusing on the Americans, West European states, East ‎Asian countries, and ‎Middle East countries. Every year, the Iraq Infrastructure ‎exhibition brings together companies from Iraq ‎and abroad. The 1st Iraq ‎International Infrastructure exhibition is an ideal opportunity ‎for foreign ‎businesses to develop and expand their activities in Iraq. The trade fair is ‎also ‎a successful platform for exchanging information and experiences between ‎‎participating countries. ‎
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Governmental support: The show will be supported by governmental ‎agencies ‎such as Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Oil, Ministry of construction & Housing, ‎ministry of Electricity, Ministry of Water resources, Ministry of Municipality & ‎public works, Ministry transportation and its sub-departments focusing on the ‎Infrastructure.  ‎
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Regular cycle: yearly, since 2010 ‎
‎ ‎
Next exhibition: May, 2011 ‎
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Location: Baghdad International Permanent Fairground ‎
Baghdad, Republic of Iraq


Organizer : M&T Solutions co. in co operation with state company for Iraqi fairs. (UFI Approved)

Exhibitor profile

‎1-‎ Oil & Gas
‎2-‎ Chemical & Petrochemical
‎3-‎ Power Electricity ( Generation , Transmission , Distribution)‎
‎4-‎ Water & Wastewater
‎5-‎ Transportation Systems ( Roads, Airport, Railway, Ports)‎
‎6-‎ Building construction and Housing
‎7-‎ Industrial Complex
‎8-‎ IT & ICT
‎9-‎ Measuring, monitoring and laboratory-technology
‎10-‎ Education, research, the media

Exhibiting at Iraq Infrastructure Exhibition 2010

Iraqis and international exhibitors have the chance to showcase their products and services at a prime ‎location. The Infrastructure exhibition is the right place to meet market leaders and small to medium-size ‎companies. Take the opportunity, expand your contacts and improve relations to customers. Iraq's ‎demand for rebuilding infrastructure is high. Be part of the event and energize your network!

Your advantages for you as an exhibitor
‎1.‎ Your opportunity for an entry in the Iraq Infrastructure market ‎
‎2.‎ Ideal conditions for improving relations with customers and for acquiring new customers in Iraq.‎
‎3.‎ The exhibition is attended by governmental authorities ‎
‎4.‎ Information and contact advantage thanks to the Iraq Infrastructure Exhibition 2010 specialized ‎program.

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