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(Basrah International Fairground) 14-17 May 2012

Al-Basrah is the capital of Basrah Province, Iraq, and had an estimated population of 3,800,200 as of 2009. Basrah is also Iraq's main port, although it is incapable of deep water access, which is handled at the port of Umm Qasr. The city is part of the historic location of Sumer, the home of Sinbad the Sailor, and a proposed location of the Garden of Eden. It also played an important role in early Islamic history, being built in 636 CE, or 14 AH. It is Iraq's third largest and most populous city after Baghdad and Mosul.
The city is located along the Shatt al-Arab waterway near the Persian Gulf, 55 kilometers (34 mi) from the Persian Gulf and 545 kilometers (339 mi) from Baghdad, Iraq's capital and largest city.
The area surrounding Basrah has substantial large petroleum resources and many oil wells. The city also has an international airport, which recently began restored service into Baghdad with Iraqi Airways—the nation's flag airline. Basrah is in a fertile agricultural region, with major products including rice, maize corn, barley, pearl millet, wheat, dates, and livestock. Iraq has the world's 4th largest oil reserves estimated to be more 115 billion barrels, most of it from Basrah. 80% of Basrah's oil bearing fields are unexplored.

A network of canals flowed through the city, giving it the nickname "The Venice of the Middle East" at least at high tide. The tides at Basrah fall by about 2.7 meters (9 ft). For a long time, Basrah was known for the superior quality of its dates.
 the city's economy is largely Dependent on the oil industry .Some of Iraq's largest oil fields are located in the province ,and most of Iraq’s oiled exports leaves from Terminal. The south Oil company has it's headquarter in the city. Substantial economic activity in Basrah is centered around the petrochemical industry, which includes the Southern Fertilizer Company and The State Company for Petrochemical Industries. The Southern Fertilizer Company produces ammonia solution, urea and nitrogen gas ,while The SCPI focus on producing products such as ethylene, caustic/chlorine, vinyl chlorine monomer (VCM), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), low-density polyethylene, and high-density polyethylene. Shipping, logistics and transport are also major industries in Basrah. In fact Basrah is home to all of Iraq’s six ports; Umm Qasr is the main deep-water port with 22 platforms, some of which are dedicated to specific goods (such as sulfur, seeds, lubricant oil, etc.) The other five ports are smaller in scale and more narrowly specialized. Fishing was once one of the important economic incomes before the oil boom.
Because of the security measures taken by the government, Basrah has become a safe city and no any big incident has happened for last three years in the region. If any incident occurs, expert security staff is planted and they reach any place in the city within minutes.



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