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(Basrah International Fairground) 14-17 May 2012




IRAQ/Basrah is ready to do business with the world...


The 2nd Basra International Electricity Exhibitions will be organized in Iraq/Basrah on 14-17 May 2012 at Basrah International Fairground Exhibition Centre…Basrah is ready to host Energy and construction industries professionals in this essential event with its growing market The 2nd Basra International Electricity Exhibitions is the greatest event of its own industries in whole region and it will be a meeting point for visitors, trade visitors and international industry members from all over the world. It is expecting more than 150 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors from variety countries. Iraq is in need of a full range of Electricity industries related products, services and systems, machinery, equipment and finance. The Exhibitions will highlight the vast scale of reconstruction needs in Iraq: power facilities and electrical grids have to be restored. Be a Part of Iraq's Economic Growth! Iraq has the world's second largest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia. Basrah's strategic location gives any business the best exposure. It is gateway to Southern Iraq. The comparative security; it enjoys compared to other part of Iraq, making it attractive logistical hub for international companies. Basrah, the booming capital for south of Iraq, represents THE SAFEST PLACE!




The 2nd Basra International Electricity Exhibition will take place at:
Basrah International Fairground, Basrah, Iraq

Product Range:

The 2nd Basra International Electricty Exhibition (Basra ELEC 2012) presents the most innovative products, technologies and services within "Electricity & Renewable Energy" sectors.

Boilers, Turbines, Compressors, Motors, Generators, Air-conditioners, Air-conditioning Chillers & Heat Exchangers, Air-Purification & Cleaning Equipment, Air Curtains & Filters, Auto Recloser, Batteries & Battery Charges, Bearing & Gears, Industrial Belts, Bolts, Nuts & Chains, Hardware Tools, Tackles & Gaskets, Brake Parts & Lining, Cables-HV/MV/LV/Control, Cable Fault Locator, Cabinet, Cast Resin Transformers, Wire Manufacturing, Cable Joints & Accessories, Cable Tiles / Protection covers /UPVC pipes, Calibration Equipment & Gauges, Cathodic Protection System, Centrifugal Machineries, Industrial Chemicals & Products, Communication Systems & Equipment, Computers, Conduits & Electric Fittings, Control Systems-Industrial & Residential, Corrosion Control System, Cranes, Control Safety, System Protection & Monitoring Equipment, Cooling & Heating Equipment, Diesel Engines, Distance Relays, Differential Relays, Earthing/Lighting Equipment &Accessories, Fan & Exhaust Systems, Firefighting Equipment & System, Fuel Handling & Injection System, FGRP Kiosks, Galvanizing Products, Gas Detectors Geographic Information(GIS systems), Gas Insulated Switchgear, Safety Equipment, PPE Items, HRC Fuses Links/ MCCBOs, Industrial & Power Automation, Instrumentation & Calibration, Insulation Material, Lifts & Escalators, Lighting Fixtures-Industrial & Residential, Industrial Linings, Lubricants-Industrial, Magnetic Devices, Relays-Control & Protection, Ring Main Units (SF6), Circuit Breakers, Cable Trays, Capacitor Banks, Switchgears/Distribution Boards/Mini Distribution Pillars, Pocket Substations, Overhead Line Equipment Material / Hardware & Accessories, Ceramic & Other Power Insulators, Fault Recorders, Energy Meters-Consumer connection equipment home service meters, Partial Discharge Measurement Equipment, On Load Tap Changer, Main Panels & Distribution Boards, Testing & Measuring Equipment, Plastic tubes, Rods & Sheets, Pneumatic Tools & Tackles, Power Coating Products, Pressure Gauges, Pressure Vessels, Power Transformers/ Distribution /Instrument Voltage/ Current Transformers, Process Control System & SCADA, Public Address System, Radiators, Remote Terminal Units (RTU), Ring Main Units, Reactors, Radio Communications, Refrigeration Equipment, Rust Proofing Equipment, Sandblasting Equipment, Seals, Substation Control System, Survey Equipment, Tubing Works, Uninterruptible Power Supply Equipment, Ventilation Products, Weighing Equipment, Wire Products and etc.

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