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The huge amount and of information currently circulating in the world, in spite of giving the public sufficient access to almost whatever they might want to know, has made it quite difficult and time consuming to get a tailor made pack of information on specific areas. To overcome this problem, it is necessary to arrange such information packs in a way to meet specific requirements of each group of audiences. M&T Solutions Company arranges specialty Conferences and Seminars on different aspects of International Trade with a careful focus on the most needed areas according to the feedback it receives from its clients. Currently, the Permanent Secretariat of Export Marketing Conference is set up by M&T and while providing information on upcoming events under this program, it will keep in constant touch with the interested parties to include their ideas in setting up the future events.

M&T Solutions Company is ready to consider requests from any interested party to cooperate with them in setting up of different conferences and seminars on specific areas according to the requirements of its clients.

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