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(Provider of International Marketing Solutions & organizer of International Exhibitions & conferences) In every area of trade, the supply sector is growing in an even ‎sharper trend than the growth of demand. This fact makes it more ‎difficult to compete in the world market. Different suppliers have ‎many parameters in front of them to match in order to guarantee a ‎minimum level of success. Some of these parameters are not in the ‎category of every supplier's expertise and special services are to be ‎provided by other specialists so that an acceptable level of success ‎can be expected by those who want to achieve a bigger share of the ‎vast international market. Different activities which lead to success ‎in the market should be engineered by marketing experts and made ‎available to the competitors in the form of Business Solutions. ‎ The package of strategies and market plans which comprise ‎business solutions are to be offered by organizations that enjoy the ‎services of experts in quite different areas and for many traders in ‎the world market. It's not feasible to set up such sub-organizations ‎within their organizations and thoughtful managers nowadays, try ‎to utilize the services of other expert groups in order to cover their ‎needs for Business Solutions.



Management & Trade Solution Company (M&T solutions Co.)

A group of specialists in different fields of international marketing & ‎business with an average work experience of 25 years who have ‎served in International's most famous project management & ‎trading companies have mustered their might & set up M & T ‎Solutions company where they offer the best of their potential to ‎the world of international trade. M&T is offering its services and ‎solutions in five main categories as follows: ‎* Marketing Solutions‎ ‎*Organizing International Exhibitions ‎ ‎*Organizing International Conferences & Seminars ‎* Organizer of Training Courses & Workshops‎ ‎* Sales Promotion Materials‎.



Marketing Solutions

It is absolutely necessary but definitely not sufficient to supply your products or ‎provide your services with an acceptable quality and a competitive price in order to ‎gain a considerable market share. Abundance of suppliers and variety of supplies ‎make it necessary to approach each market with a tailor made, workable and cleverly ‎engineered market plan based on the specific parameters in that market. To do this, it ‎doesn't sound wise nor those it seem feasible to rely only on the marketing teams of ‎each company. A wise solution to this issue is having a specialized team at your side ‎to help your marketing team in studying the potentially suitable markets and preparing ‎a realistic market plan. M&T Solutions, based on the experience of its specialists ‎offers it marketing solutions and is ready to act on your behalf in Market Research ‎and help you with a successful approach to your target markets especially Iraq Market.



Exhibition Organizer

One of the most effective tools to contact your potential business partners is ‎exhibiting your products and potentials in trade exhibitions. To select the most proper ‎exhibitions, meeting the special requirements of your activity, you need to make sure ‎you participate in exhibitions whose organizers are fully aware of the international ‎trade requirements. M&T Solutions organizes International trade fairs and in different ‎exhibitions in numerous countries. A list of the exhibitions and national pavilions ‎organized by M&T is presented under the "Executed Events". A variety of services ‎related to successful participation in trade fairs such as Stand design, brochure design ‎& production, preparation of commercial gifts, trade tours … are included in the ‎menu of M&T services for Exhibitions. We expect our potential clients to consult us ‎before planning their participation in trade fairs and give us the opportunity to share ‎with them the achievements of the long experiences of our team members in effective ‎activities in this field.

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