Exhibitor profile

Exhibitor profile:

Oil &Gas

Chemical & Petrochemical

Power Electricity ( Generation , Transmission , Distribution)‎

Water & Wastewater

Transportation Systems ( Roads, Airport, Railway, Ports)‎

Building construction and Housing

Industrial Complex

IT & ICT ‎

Measuring, monitoring and laboratory-technology

Education, research, the media


Exhibiting at Iraq Infrastructure Exhibition 2010

Iraqis and international exhibitors have the chance to showcase their products and services at a prime ‎location. The Infrastructure exhibition is the right place to meet market leaders and small to medium-size ‎companies. Take the opportunity, expand your contacts and improve relations to customers. Iraq's ‎demand for rebuilding infrastructure is high. Be part of the event and energize your network! ‎
Your advantages for you as an exhibitor

Your opportunity for an entry in the Iraq Infrastructure market

Ideal conditions for improving relations with customers and for acquiring new customers in Iraq.

The exhibition is attended by governmental authorities ‎

Information and contact advantage thanks to the Iraq Infrastructure Exhibition 2010 specialized ‎program.‎

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